Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Textile Tuesday: Original Works

During my recent Crafty Planner Podcast, Sandi asked about the quilts I'd made. This topic is one of a few that could have benefitted from a little more detail. I made my first quilt in 2012, and a few other small quilts in the same year. One of those quilts, "House of Wonky" was entered in the "Small Wonders Challenge" of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. It was my first time entering a quilt in any show, and fI received a blue ribbon for Viewer's Choice in the challenge, also selling the quilt.

"Marvelette" 2012 - medium size - part of "Manland" at the
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
After the show director saw my "House of Wonky" challenge entry, she asked me to make a quilt for the Manland special exhibit. The quilt is called Marvelette, and it is hanging up in my home. 

one of my first quilts, given as a gift
Most of the first quilts went to other homes, but I do have pictures. One of my favorites was a blue and orange crazy block. I quilted it myself on my Featherweight.

"Center Star" was selected for the 2014 MANifestations Exhibit at the
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
A few months later, I attended a retreat in Sisters with Sue Spargo and Gwen Marston. Gwen had a workshop on the first day, focusing on liberated medallions. I started a small quilt called "Center Star" during the workshop, and it was later quilted by Tomme Fent and featured in a biennial juried exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

"Wild Eyed Susans" 2013 received a ribbon at the
Pacific West Quilt Show
After Gwen's workshop, the retreat took place, and the focus was wool quilts with a folk art inspiration. Of course, I did my own thing, not having the sewing skills to take part in all the offerings, but still wanting to make something. The quilt I made was called "Wild Eyed Susans" and it later received a ribbon at the Pacific West Quilt Show, the first time I entered a judged show.

My first and only large quilt is called "Oregon July" and was completed in 2014. The pieces of this quilt were made around the time I made "Marvelette" but I had troubles sewing and working my machine, so it sat for a while and I got help. I brought the quilt in three large pieces to Jolene Knight, who got it together and did a wonderful job quilting and finishing it.

The quilt is big patchwork on the front, and wholecloth on the back, where the quilting design is most fully revealed. It was designed that way because it is about falling in love with Oregon, and how some of the best things about this beautiful state take time to discover. The quilt received a ribbon at the 2015 Northwest Quilters Show for free motion quilting, and I handed the ribbon directly to Jolene.

My most recent quilt is called "Fruity Beauty" and was made with digitally printed Spoonflower fabrics and also quilted by Jolene Knight. In 2016, it will be on display in the men's biennial at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Fortunately, the rules allow for female long-arm quilters!

So, that's a little more about my quiltmaking. I only made one quilt in 2015, so I am hoping to have a little more time to make quilts in 2016. To listen to the Crafty Planner Podcast, click here.

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  1. Bill, I enjoyed your review of your quilt journey. Wild Eyed Susans are my favorite piece!