Friday, December 11, 2015

Flaky Friday

Why is it Flaky Friday? I forgot to tell you about my pins. Well, I half-forgot; I also wasn't sure how to respond to requests to buy them without seeming like too much of a tease. Since I grew up in Jersey, I've walked that line between clarity and abruptness, but in this situation I must be blunt:

Not For Sale! 

So, why am I telling you about them? Last year, people made pins to give away at QuiltCon. I, too, made pins, but they were very last-minute and not exactly what I had in mind. The one thing that made me most happy about them was knowing the only other person with a square button was Victoria Findlay Wolfe. What could I say? It's hip to be square!

This time around, I went with 1/2" circles, embossed die cast metal, brushed silver surface. Much happier! I worked with a company in Michigan called Maxwell Medals & Awards, a vendor I used for sports awards probably 15 years ago. They always had high quality products and great service, and it was great to work with them again.

Using the logo I created a couple years ago, we made 300 pins, and the idea is to give them away as an in-person thank you to family, friends and supporters. That means I probably should've ordered more than 300. It's a good start, though. The pins were not cheap, about 90 cents more than last year's, per/pin, but worth it!


  1. I like your new pin! I collected a few when I went to Austin QuiltCon and was amazed at the variety people had. Patty (the lady with the Moda Halloween quilt and quilter to the rock stars)

  2. Great pin design! I bet you've enjoyed making memories as you've distributed/traded them!

  3. You tease - now we all want a pin....

  4. My buttons were square & had my polyester double knit friendship star on them. I wanted to give you one but was always overcome by shyness. Both of yours are beautiful.