Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Annual

Each year since 2012, I have self-published an annual book higlighting collection acquisitions. This year's book is a little thicker than the other three, and I dropped "acquisitions" from the title, anticipating a shift from collecting to exhibiting and publishing. However, 2015 was the most prolific collecting year so far, and a lot of the new acquisitions were gifts.

This year's book includes some photosfrom the year's events. It was an eventful year. If you followed my blog, you know what I'm saying.

In 2015, I showed why I call myself a quilt magnet. Gifts accounted for 24 of the quilts in the book, and there were more than that.

Most of the purchases fell into three categories: 1970s, 20st century and Hawaiian Scrap quilts.

The 2015 Annual is now available through Blurb. To preview order the book, click here.

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