Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Gorge (part 2) - Horsetail Falls to the Vista House at Crown Point

The view from Vista House at Crown Point, a spectacular gray Oregon day!
After lunch at Multnomah Falls on Wednesday, Mom and I took the scenic route to Vista House at Crown Point. We stopped along the way at Horsetail Falls and Wahkeena Falls, and passed several hiking spots along the way. I tried to spot the Bridal Veil Post Office, but didn't. There's a whole story about the town of Bridal Veil, which did not survive, but its Post office did. Apparently, people from all across the United States send wedding invitations to the tiny post office to get the "Bridal Veil" postmark. Wow!

Horsetail Falls is shaped like a horse tail
Wahkeena Falls through the trees
Wahkeena Falls slithering through the hill
Small rapids at the bottom of Wahkeena Falls
Vista House at Crown Point. There are displays, a cafe, and gift shop inside
And a lovely, vaulted atrium with a stairway up and a path on the outside
The Columbia River Gorge has inspired artists for many generations
It's easy to see why.

One last perfect day with Mom, but on Thursday it was time for her to return home. She's going to spend some time at the lake, Rangeley Lake in Maine, and then she's going to Europe in the Fall. And for me, it's back to work again. There are great quilts everywhere saying, "Pay attention to ME!" and possibly even a few of my own new quilts at some point.

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