Monday, July 2, 2012

A Nice Surprise

"House of Wonky" 2012
Yesterday, I received a surprise e-mail from Ann Richardson of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I had entered my quilt, "House of Wonky" in the Small Wonders Challenge as part of this year's show. It was my first time entering a quilt in a show, and the quilt was made in the first couple weeks after I began making quilts. I think it's the second one I'd pieced and maybe the fourth one I'd finished.

The reason why I thought it would be fun to enter was to surprise my mother, who would be here for the show. I sent a picture of the quilt to Ann, and when she saw it she encouraged me to make something for the ManLand exhibit of quilts made by men. So I did, and eventually sent that one along, too.

When I was entering the "House of Wonky" in the Small Wonders Challenge, I noticed there were awards for six categories: Michael Miller challenge; Best Use of 2012 Show Theme "A Patterned Village"; Best Contemporary of Abstract Quilt; Best Use of Color; Judge's Choice; and Viewer's Choice. At the time, I thought, "Wouldn't it be a hoot to win an award and surprise Mom with it?"

There was a reception for the "Small Wonders" quilts in Sisters a few weeks ago, and they announced the winners of the first five categories. I didn't win anything, and thought, "Oh well!" I didn't really need the recognition for myself, and Mom would still be happy and surprised to see my quilts in the show. But there was one more award to be determined- Viewer's Choice.

By now, you've probably figured out where this is going. :) There was online voting, so I posted the link a couple times on Facebook and asked people to vote. When I posted the link, I mentioned Mom would be there and having the quilt in the show would be a surprise...and wouldn't it be fun to get an award to surprise Mom?

I wasn't particularly aggressive about asking people to vote...didn't even post it on my blog because I didn't want Mom to find out I had a quilt in the show...but somehow, it worked. The e-mail I received from Ann Richardson yesterday came with the news that I'd won the Viewer's Choice Award. So, I have to thank everyone who voted, and all those who encouraged me to try making a quilt. It's an honor to receive recognition in my first quilt show, with one of my first quilts - but I'm really happy to add a nice surprise for Mom's first visit to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The quilts will all be offered for sale, and proceeds will go to a local charity.

Mom still doesn't know about any of this, and since she's here in Oregon with me, she isn't checking my blog. She'll find out soon enough, though. What a nice surprise!


  1. Congratulations!!! I love "wonky" quilts myself. Well done.

  2. congrats love the quilt . I am so thrilled for your Mom is going to be so proud of you and surprised and isn't that worth it all?

  3. Mom will be chuffed.
    Way to go, Bill!

  4. She will be thrilled! Hope you have your camera ready...

  5. Congratulations! Love the quilt!

  6. I know I posted on facebook, but I need to say again and Congratulations! Your mom is going to be so surprised and thrilled!