Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More pictures from Sisters

Under the Teacher's Tent. I didn't touch it because I wasn't sure if my hands
were clean, and I was too busy talking with Gwen Marston.
I thought I'd share some more pictures from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, which took place on Saturday. Mom and I were there until just after lunch. We missed the rain. It was just the second time it rained during the show in its 37-year history. All the quilts made it inside before the rain got really serious, I heard. And I'm not surprised. I didn't get much info on these pictures, so I apologize for that - but enjoy the eye candy!!

A quilt in the Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters exhibit
...and another...
Mom liked this one. Me too! It's super cute!!
Two staff challenge quilts at the Stitchin' Post
Jean Wells Keenan's staff challenge quilt. Love it!!
Valori Wells Kennedy's staff challenge quilt (that's a shadow across it)
I really liked this one - hard to get a picture - there was a crowd!
More quilts!!
This one made me cross the street to get a better look
Another dazzler! 
Love the Wizard of Oz, so of course I loved this quilt!
Three more quilts by Jean Wells Keenan, displayed indoors
I think this one was at the Teacher's Tent, too
Another amazing show, and if the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is on your "bucket list" all I can say is "just do it!"


  1. Thanks for sharing all these fabulous quilts, Bill! Love the pics! Looks like you had a really great time!

    1. We did! If you haven't been to Sisters, I think you'd love it. :)

  2. It's so amazing, Bill. I saw only a couple of the quilts you showed above. Just too many to take in all at once!

    1. You're so right, Dawn! And I only saw a few of the ones in your blog. Love the Lady Liberty quilt. I've got one made with that pattern, but she wasn't doing the laundry. What a riot!!