Monday, July 30, 2012

Mountain Mist Bicentennial Logo Quilt

Today I had breakfast with Andrea Balosky, who is visiting from India, and we went back to my place to look at quilts. Just as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a package on my doorstep. We raced back inside to open the package, and it was the Bicentennial Quilt from Massachusetts. Andrea and I marveled at all the applique work. All the color you see on this quilt was appliqued.

Some of the patches had lost their stitching on a side, and we could peek underneath. There was a letter "B" printed in blue under a blue patch. Hmmm! There were blue lines under the lines of quilting. Hmmmmm!!! We looked at each other and exclained, "It's a KIT!"

Later in the day, I was curious to know if I could find any information online.  All it took was a google search to figure out the source of this quilt, and I should've known. It's a Mountain Mist Bicentennial Logo Quilt. I found the information on Jean Carlton's blog about Patriotic Quilts from over a year ago. To read Jean's blog, click here. Jean got her information from Rosie Werner and her Quilt Kit Identification website. Again, I should've known!

It's kind of hilarious that Mountain Mist made this quilt the way they did, with applique taking the place of a traditionally pieced design. Sure, the actual Bicentennial logo needed to be appliqued, but the stars and boxes? Applique doesn't come easily for a lot of people. What torture it must've been to applique all those pieces to the printed ground. Andrea made a funny face, and we giggled about the idea.


  1. Very cool! We lived in Philly during the Bicentennial and it has a special place in my heart. In those days, we say many of these quilts around.


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