Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2014 Exhibit Scheduled at Latimer

Nine-Patch Quilt Top, c. 1830-1840
I'm happy to announce plans for an exhibit in 2014 at Latimer Quilt and Textile Center. I'm planing on showing old quilts, 1850 and earlier, and although I haven't decided exactly what to show yet, the exhibit will include quilts (and tops) that we rarely see here in Oregon. Here are some of the quilts and tops I'm considering.

Crib quilt, c. 1825, Pennsylvania
Wholecloth quilt, c, 1790, New England
Economy Block, c. 1810, New England
Star block quilt, c. 1800, Rhode Island
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, c. 1830, New England
Wholecloth quilt, c. 1830, eastern United States

Four-patch / nine-patch, c. 1830, New York
"Russian Sunflower" Crib quilt, c. 1840, Tennessee
Sprigs of Laurel Medallion, c. 1840, Baltimore, Maryland
Wholecloth block print indigo resist, c. 1780, France
Mariner's Compass, Tilton Family, c. 1840, Burlington County, New Jersey
Sunburst Diamonds, c, 1830-1840, New England
Several of these quilts are quite large, so I may need to be a little creative in my choices and how the quilts are exhibited. I'm also expecting to continue adding quilts to the collection between now and then. There's lots of time to plan, and I may even do a small catalog for the exhibit, which is scheduled from March to May, 2014. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted here on my blog as we move forward with the planning.

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center is the only quilt and textile center in Oregon. The center is housed in the old Maple Leaf schoolhouse on Wilson River Loop Road. For more information about the center, including hours, directions and events, click here.


  1. I love those nine patches. So simple and sweet! In the thumbnail, the first quilt looks like little jewels floating in the ocean!
    They are all so unique. It would be fun to see them from up close.

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! That 1840 Mariner's Compass - so much work! I am enchanted.

  3. Wow great stuff!...and Given the name of the place I expect I really should make an effort to get there!

  4. Great Quilts. I love Mariner's Compass, Tilton Family. Makes me proud to be from N.J. I would love to track down info about the family.