Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Make this Quilt!

"Suspension Bridge" is just one of the pattern names

In the August/September issue of Quilters Newsletter, there is a pattern for one of my antique quilts toward the back of the magazine. Just in case you haven't seen the magazine or heard the news, the magazine includes is a nice feature article called "Collecting Beauty" - about me and my collection of "New York Beauty" quilts. There is a five-page feature in the middle pages, and toward the end, on pages 70-73 is a description of this quilt with pattern templates and instructions about how to make it. So now, I'm challenging readers to make this quilt!
The pattern is in the August/September issue, pg. 70

The quilt is originally from North Carolina. It is an early 20th century variation on the traditional "New York Beauty" pattern, which was most frequently called "Rocky Mountain Road" or "Crown of Thorns" prior to the 1930 publication of the Mountain Mist New York Beauty pattern. This variation is called Suspension Bridge, and was published by Ladies Art Company in 1922. It was also published by other sources and called Sunflower, Broken Circle, and other names. Since the circa date of this quilt is just a bit earlier than 1922, it could have had other names, too.

I bought the quilt from Cindy Rennels of Cindy's Antique Quilts in Clinton, Oklahoma. The quilt was included in the "Golden Oldies" exhibit of "Sunflower" quilts at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah just before it came to me in 2010. In fact, I had to wait until the exhibit was over to receive the quilt. So, if it looks familiar to the well-traveled quilters in the audience, that's why.

There were a lot of reasons why we selected this quilt for a pattern in the magazine. It's much less intimidating than a lot of the New York Beauties in my collection. There are fewer points, and no piecework in the sashing or cornerstones. The scrappy use of print fabric and bold, solid fabric sashing and cornerstones give quilters a lot of room for play. You can easily make it your own by choosing different colors, layouts, and quilting designs.

So, now that I've challenged readers to make this quilt, I hope you'll send news and pictures of your quilts in progress, and of course, your finished quilts. If you do, I'll post pictures and updates here in my blog. If you'd like to subscribe to Quilters Newsletter or purchase a copy of the magazine, just visit their web site. To reach me, just click here. Have fun!!!


  1. I've had this quilt on my 'Must Make' list since the first time you posted a pic of it! I love everything about it, especially the blue/grey/black tones with the red! Yummy! I guess this is the push I needed to move it off my list and onto the cutting table! Thanks!

  2. oh no...another one for the "list"...will not be able to get to it for a few months...do want to make one though!

  3. Easy squeezee. Can do it in my sleep...HAH! That's exactly the only time I have to do it! LOL

  4. Okay ... I have started making my own version of this quilt. However .... I am putting a twist on it in that I have reduced the pattern by half to make a smaller quilt to fit a specific wall area.

    Fingers crossed I make good progress on this. Yesterday I made 13 of the half-circle with points units.

  5. Bill, I tried e-mailing this to you - but I don't use Outlook so I will put my update here. I started working on this pattern last week. As I mentioned before I reduced the pattern pieces by 50% so that the finished quilt will fit on the wall above my kitchen table. I am making it in blues and yellows to complement the cobalt blue of my kitchen walls.

    Here are some of the unites I have finished thus far: