Wednesday, November 6, 2013

puffy polyester broken dishes quilt

This outstanding polyester Broken Dishes pattern quilt came from an eBay seller in Georgia, and its thick batting gives it a three-dimensional quality. The quilt is 64" x 84" and has about 3/4" loft. Some great, bright fabrics, post 1965-ish, probably made in the 70s. The lime green patches really jump out. A fun addition to the collection!


  1. Holy moley do those lime patches really jump out!

  2. These polyester quilts last forever.This one is lovely! But beware, they hang onto dog hair forever too! I have one that rails block and its been with us for 29 years and it started to wear out a wee bit, so I thought, great durable for our shepard cross, well, its not a good idea.