Thursday, November 7, 2013

a different kind of Kentucky bedcover

1970s polyester patchwork bedcover with dust ruffle, Kentucky
Usually when I think about Kentucky quilts, the masterpiece quilts from the mid to late 19th century come to mind. There are several in my collection mostly New York Beauties, and I recently purchased a wonderfully folky Oak Leaf Variant made in Paducah.

pieced quilt, c. 1850, Kentucky, later known as New York Beauty
pieced quilt, c. 1860, Kentucky, later known as New York Beauty
pieced quilt, c. 1865, Kentucky, later known as New York Beauty
Oak Leaf Variant, c. 1860, Paducah, Kentucky
So here's a different kind of Kentucky bedcover, one that caught me by surprise. I found it on eBay late last night, and it is a polyester 16 Patch top, finished with a dust ruffle on three edges. It's also a different kind of T-shaped cover.

Although it is finished on the edges, there is no backing. All of the construction is visible, but the spread is still fully functional. This is the first T-shaped piece I have found from the 70s, and it refers directly back to the earlier tradition of T-shaped quilts and counterpanes. I also have a few of those.

whole cloth quilt, c. 1790, New England
pieced quilt, c. 1800, Rhode Island
candlewick spread, c. 1825, eastern United States
pieced quilt, c. 1830, New England

It was interesting to discover a T-shaped bedcover from the 1970s, and see how it compared to the old examples. This one seems like it will be another big one. The auction listing said it was 54" wide with 23" drop. That means it would be another monumental scale polyester bedcover. I have seen some of those lately. The auction pictures give a good idea of what it looks like, but I still can't wait to see it in person.

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