Sunday, November 3, 2013

documenting 21st century quits

Center Star, 2013
Yesterday I helped document quilts for the Oregon Quilt Project with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland's Pearl District. It was a fun afternoon. Elizabeth Spannring and Janis Pearson were there observing. Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Association of Pacific West Quilters and Janis is a director who oversees the treasury. Fun having them there!

screen shot from Susan's web site, West Coast Crafty
We documented a handful of quilts including one of my own, Center Star, and three from one of my favorite local artists, author Susan Beal. Susan is well known among modern quilters around the world. She's written several books, is the past president and current historian of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, and is involved in any number of creative projects at any given time.

"Oceanside" 2012 by Susan Beal 
The Picnic Quilt, by Susan Beal
It was a relaxed day, not too many quilts, but thoroughly enjoyable. Love the idea of documenting 21st century quilts, and I'm certain the Portland Modern Quilt Guild is the first to do it. The Oregon Quilt Project welcomes all quilt makers and quilt owners in Oregon to document their quilts and contribute them to the project for inclusion in The Quilt Index. Documenting a quilt is fun and simple. Just go to the web site, print out the forms, fill in the details, and get a picture. All documentation records will be part of the Oregon Quilt Project database in The Quilt Index. If you've never seen The Quilt Index before, you've got to check it out. Click here to go there

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