Sunday, November 3, 2013

Japanese Fall Festival Aki Matsuri 73rd Annual Ikebana Exhibit

The Japanese Fall Festival, Aki Matsuri 73rd Annual Ikebana Exhibit was on display over the weekend at the Buddhist Henjyoji Temple in Portland, and it was another beautiful exhibit. My friend David Komeiji worked on several of the arrangements, and he used greens from my yard in two of them.

The last two arrangements include greenery from my yard. I told David he could take as much as he wanted, do a giant arrangement, my shrubs could use a good pruning!

I always love looking at ikebana. It's so simple and beautiful. The emphasis on shape, line, and form are certainly appealing to the artist's eye. While I was at the exhibit, I did a little shopping from the pottery vendors, and came home with two wonderful pieces of Ken Pincus pottery. More about that in the next post. 

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