Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Ken Pincus Pottery!

a gorgeous slab plate, deep turquoise green
Over the last few years I have attended the annual Aki Matsuri exhibit of Ikebana at the Buddhist Henjyoji Temple in Portland. Each time I came home with beautiful pieces of Ken Pincus pottery, and today was no exception. I bought a beautiful slab plate and covered jar. Both pieces were blue/green/turquoise. I love these colors in my home, they really pop against the wood and earthy colors.

think I'll use it as a ginger jar
Although I always go shopping with the intention of giving the pieces as Christmas gifts, I've held on to more than I have let go. Here are several of the pieces I've bought over the last few years. Of these, the only one I don't still have is the turquoise cylinder in the picture with the pair of cylinder vases (below).

two cylinder vases 
I love the glaze!
sake bottle
covered jar, I use it for coffee beans
Ken Pincus signature on the bottom of the slab plate
green slab plate, maybe a gift for someone :)
tall bottle with beautiful, dripped glaze
For more information about Ken Pincus and his marvelous pottery, visit Ken's web site. Click here!


  1. Beautiful pottery! Wonderfully formed and the glazes are amazing. I bet they are hard to put down once you pick them up.

  2. Of course you bought them ... Ceramics, so soothing for the hand and eye. Yup. Last month I bought 3 bowls/cups in Thailand because the glaze and feel were irresistible too.