Friday, June 21, 2013

Printmaking at SVA / NYC

"High Above the Planet" 1987 - 30" x 40" was the largest size print I made
After two years of RISD, I went to New York in 1986 and finished my undergraduate studies at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), class of 1988. In addition to a lot of photography, much of which was shot as transparency, I also did some printmaking.

"Lava Ocean" 1988
The monoprint was my favorite, and I made each unique print using acrylics applied to plexiglas. I had to move quickly or else it would dry, and I used a spray bottle with water to keep things fluid. Sometimes I finished them with more applied acrylic.

"Lava Islands" 1988
"Pond" 1988 
"Lava Rock" 1988
It's fun to dig through the old portfolios. Lots of ideas in there, and plenty of color. The monoprints are some of the most colorful works I made.

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  1. love the first one, the colors just really appeal to me!