Friday, June 28, 2013

AAQI #14379- "Hair Duty" by Lori DeJarnatt

This lovely little bars quilt was made by Lori DeJarnatt of Madras, Oregon, for the Alzheimer's Art quilt Initiative. It is AAQI #14379, "Hair Duty".

It is the third quilt in my collection made by Lori, and all three quilts are deeply personal statements about caring for a relative who has Alzheimer's- her mother. In her artist statement, she says,

"We make sure my mom gets to the hairdresser every Friday to get her hair set. It makes her feel special and the ladies at the salon are so sweet to her. Whoever takes her that week is on 'hair duty'."

My grandmother made the same weekly journey to the hairdresser, and it was important. It was one of the few things she had left to look forward to each week, and it made her feel good about herself, even when she'd moved to the infirmary.

It's wonderful to have this quilt, and the two others from Lori. Of all the AAQI quilts I've collected, these are among the most personal. The quilts even more special because Lori is a friend, and collecting friends' quilts is what got me started with collecting AAQI quilts.

This year is the last for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, and they are "sprinting to the finish" with the goal of reaching $1M. To learn more about it, visit their web site:

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