Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blast from the Past: High School Works

I found an old photograph and a painting made in high school. The photo was taken at Peddie's Vespers ceremony, when everyone left the chapel holding candles. I had the camera on a tripod up in the balcony, and left the shutter open for the long exposure. The negative was lost, so all I've got is this print.

My first oil painting was in there, too, and it's a mess! The perspective is way off, and it's clumsy looking, but I still love it. Both of these pieces brought me back to the days of art class, and it was a phenomenal class. We swept the awards at the regional Scholastic Arts competition, and I received an Eastman Kodak Award for one of my photos. Later that year, the picture was displayed with the award winners in the center atrium of the Citicorp building. Somewhere in the piles of stuff in the attic, there is a copy of that print.

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