Friday, June 21, 2013

more photos from Peddie 1983-1984

Photogram, in the style of Man Ray, 1983
Most of these pictures were taken in Photography 1 class with Noah Hotchkiss and Katy Graham at Peddie in 1983. My friend and classmate Judy Cunningham was in the class and was such an excellent photographer, she always inspired me to do my best. We had a wonderful class and amazing teachers, and there were a few darkrooms around campus. We could be found in small rooms, very dimly lit with orange safe lamps, with our hands in trays of chemicals- and we were happy as could be!

Center Campus at Night, Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ, 1983
View from F.A.'s Back Porch, Rivenburg Dormitory, Peddie School, NJ, 1983
Main Street, Hightstown, NJ, 1983
Swim Team Road Trip, Jocelyn Williams, Dina Hulsizer, Jay Huguley, 1983
Katy Graham and her daughter, 1984


  1. Bill,
    I lived in the house across the vacant lot from Rivenburg and immediately recognized the swingset in that lot (pic from FA's porch). Made me smile! Thanks! Beth Flowers