Saturday, June 29, 2013

Four-Block with "Sporks"

This late 19th century Four-Block quilt is a quirky cousin of the New York Beauty. The wheel designs, later called Rising Sun and other names, include a jaw-dropping number of pieced points. The blocks are set within the same type of pieced sashing you might see in a New York Beauty.

There are four hearts in the center of each wheel. At first, they look like they were pieced in, but they were appliqued. The quilting makes them look more like they were set in.

There are three-pronged motifs in each corner of the blocks. To me, they look like "sporks"- those plastic spoons with fork tines at the tips, like the ones you get at Taco Bell. Possibly the motif is meant to be a botanical element of some sort.

Very quirky. I love it!

1 comment:

  1. its a beautiful quilt, quirky I agree but thats why we love it!
    love the center cornerstone looks like a flower to me.