Sunday, April 2, 2017

Today at Antique Alley PDX

Here comes the sun. Mirror in booth C-1.
Antique Alley opens at noon today. It will be my first full day in booth C-1. Yesterday was set-up day, and everything went well. There was more than enough stuff to go in the booth, and at the end of the day it looked good. I am also keeping my display case, F-3. 

springtime in case F-3 
case F-3
The case is good for the smaller items and breakables, things that require light handling. The booth is for larger things and items people will want to handle while browsing, such as quilts. I had some quilts in the case but pulled them out and put them in the booth. Now shoppers can really see and feel them.

wood things in booth C-1
It's not just quilts. There are other types of textiles, wooden items and wall art. All glassware and pottery is in the display case, with other tchotchkes.

nifty little painted wood horse - case F-3
Booth C-1 at Antique Alley in Portland
Quick note about my merchandise at Antique Alley: everything you see is for in-store purchase only. If you're interested in buying things but can't get to the shop, do not worry. I will soon be selling select items through eBay and Etsy.

1930s crayon drawings - booth C-1
I love the location of the booth. C-1 is steps away from the check-out area, and there is always staff available close by. There are 100 vendors with all kinds of curiosities, antique, vintage and new collectible items.

latch-hook butterfly pillow - Booth C-1
quilty things, and some great bargains
I've got lots of quilts, blankets and other textiles in the booth. The red and white quilt top already sold. Good thing I have plenty of others to put in its place. Priced to sell!

Most of the items are within clear view, but there are also places for the people who like to dig a little. Look under the table and in the other nooks and crannies to discover the hidden gems. Come visit, do a little shopping, and make me need to refill the booth and case often!

Antique Alley is located in the lower level of the 42nd Street Station, 2000 NE 42nd Avenue in the Hollywood District of Portland. Hours are 10am-6pm Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday and 12-5pm Sunday. For more information, click here.

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