Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Time to pack up some quilts and ship them out to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. It's a familiar ritual, significantly fine-tuned since my first quilt exhibition in 2011. Since then, my quilts have been to France, Ireland, all across the US and in a number of publications.

These quilts from my 1970s collection are fairly indestructible, but I am packing each one in a plastic bag, chuffed about reusing plastic bags from the last exhibition. Hoping to get all the quilts in two boxes, but it may end up being three. I think I need more packing tape!

By the way, it's tax day. I filed, paid, and received notification that my returns were accepted weeks ago. Happy to can spend my time packing the quilts rather than crunching numbers at the last minute. The exhibition will open sooner than we think, May 26th! For more information about the museum and upcoming events, click here.

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