Friday, April 7, 2017

Patch Blanket by Patsy, Hawaii

When I spotted this patchwork blanket at Stars in Portland, I snapped it up right away. The price was right, even though the piece was puckering in places.

It was more photogenic than I thought it would be. There's something I love about the play of blue and orange.

There was a label on the back. It said "Patch Blankets by Patsy, Made in Hawaii" and it looked like a professionally produced label for a cottage industry small business. I tried finding more information online, but couldn't find anything...yet.

This piece is the second one I have found with this type of label. The other was a wholecloth crib quilt made by Little Turtle. To read about that quilt, click here.

Both of these pieces were used when I found them, but they are barely vintage, made some time in the last 25 years. The information about both businesses is likely retrievable, but it may take some searching.

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