Saturday, April 22, 2017


In 1976, it seemed like everyone was into arts and crafts. Quilts were not part of my family's arts and crafts repertoire, but I feel strongly connected to the quilts of the 1970s, especially the Bicentennial quilts.

This Bicentennial quilt is coming from an eBay seller in Connecticut. It was made by a junior high school student, or students, in 1976. It has the look of a group quilt.

There is a label on the back, but it's not 100% clear from the photo what the label says. Looks like the name of the school. I'll have to report back when it arrives.

The guy with the top hat cracks me up. I wonder if it's supposed to be Uncle Sam...

The backing fabric also looks very interesting. It appears to be a patriotic print, and a nice, large piece of it!

The white felt stars are coming apart in places, an easy fix. Otherwise the quilt appears to be in good condition.

As Bicentennial quilts begin to surface in the quilt marketplace, I am following along with great interest. I'm intrigued with the primitive looking design work, so reminiscent of my childhood experience with arts and crafts, and hallmark of a new generation of quiltmakers.

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  1. Well if it is a school.... you might be able to find some of the makers....(I am sure some of them are still alive) and get "their stories" ... esp the top hat.....hehehe it will take some luck and some time but who knows.... I love a good hunt.