Monday, April 10, 2017

Lynn Crafters Northwest Coast Latch Hook Rugs

vintage latch hook rug - 22" x 51" 
I love latch hook rugs, and I love Northwest Coast Native American art, so I loved everything about these five latch hook rugs from an Idaho estate.

vintage "Split Raven" latch hook rug - 34" x 24"
I was able to identify two of the rug designs by finding sold lots for kits online. The first kit was Lynn Crafters Split Raven no. 010. The other was Lynn Crafters Killer Whale no. 6.

vintage "Killer Whale" latch hook rug - 24" x 34"

I would love to find out what the others were called, and I'm sure I will if I keep searching. I also wonder if there are designs other than the five that came together in the lot. It was nice to find a group of them together.

vintage latch hook rug - 14" x 15"
vintage latch hook rug - 11" x 47"
I would also love to learn more about the Lynn Crafters company of Lynnwood, Washington, producer of the kits. If anyone out there is familiar with Lynn Crafters of Lynnwood and its vintage latch hook rug kits, please let me know.

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