Sunday, May 18, 2014

Invited back for Quilt County 2015

The "Beauty Secrets" exhibition, 2011, was my first exhibition of quilts
Back in 2011, I had my first exhibition of quilts at the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath, Oregon. The exhibition, "Beauty Secrets, 150 Years of History in One Quilt Pattern" included 21 quilts plus ephemera and drew a record number of visitors to the museum.

Hexagon Diamonds, c. 1970, Oregon
The event was part of the biennial Quilt County. Next year, I will be presenting another very dynamic group of quilts- "Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s" which will debut earlier in the year at QuiltCon in Austin, Texas.

American Flag, c. 1976, Florida
Every two years since 1991, Benton County has transformed itself into Quilt County in the fall. Quilt County honors the art and craft of quilt making with approximately two dozen diverse exhibits. Quilt County is sponsored and organized by the Marys River Quilt Guild and the Benton County Historical Museum, in cooperation with other Benton County cultural agencies, churches, shops and galleries.

Log Cabin Medallion, c. 1975, Washington
The exhibition is tentatively scheduled to run from August 21st to October 3rd at the Benton County Historical Museum, and I can promise another eye-opening display. These quilts will be very different from the New York Beauties I exhibited in 2011, but every bit as energetic. Thank you to Curator Mark Tolonen for inviting me back. I'm excited!

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