Tuesday, May 6, 2014

gorgeous thing

lowbrow material - high art
This gorgeous thing arrived on my doorstep today. It came from an eBay seller in Brookings, Oregon, and is a cheerful, relaxed rendition of a strip quilt in the Bars, Split Rail or Rail Fence design. The quilt is 100% polyester double knit, it is tied like a comforter, and is 87" x 90".

The auction was ending on Sunday when I was at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center taking down my exhibit. When the alert sounded on my cell phone, I was having a conversation with Carol Weber and Debbie Crist, and we all started reaching for our cell phones, but it was mine going off.

the red and white fabric intrigues me, it's like toile, but double-knit polyester

I rolled my eyes, said it was an eBay auction ending, and said something about how I really need another quilt - oh, but I really liked this one, and it was a bargain! There were a couple more alerts during the next 15 minutes, so I gave Carol and Debbie the progress reports. Nobody else was bidding. I couldn't believe it. I spent twice as much on a basket of groceries the other day, and the groceries are all gone!

After posting a picture on Facebook, I heard from friends who seemed to approve. Mandy Leins said, "oh I saw this one! very pretty." Bonnie Hunter called it a "happy quilt" and Victoria Findlay Wolfe called it "a thing of beauty" - and I agree!! It's even better in person. I may need to add this one to the QuiltCon exhibit group!

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