Thursday, May 8, 2014

good press!

Lots of good press lately, and it's not just me. I was at Barnes & Noble today and picked up two magazines featuring three fellow members of Portland Modern Quilt Guild! The scary thing is I probably missed several people in other magazines, but here's what I did catch.

Jen Carlton-Bailly's quilt is on the cover of Modern Patchwork!! I absolutely love Jen's work, and this quilt is really great. It was quilted by Nancy Stovall, and I am also a big fan of Nancy! The quilt was inspired by time capsule pills such as "Contac" - but the quilt is intoxicating without any help from pills.

Two more members of Portland Modern Quilt Guilt were in The Quilt Life- Gail Weiss and Christina Cameli. There was a two-page feature about Gail by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and I have a confession- I was the friend who said to Victoria, "You need to know Gail."

I am so glad they connected. When I was visiting Gail one day in her new house, she told me some stories and a lightbulb went off. She and Victoria needed to know each other! I do not know if they have met in person yet, but if not, I hope to be there when they do.

Christina Cameli invited me to speak at a Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting a couple years ago, and I loved the group so much, I joined. I am also a member of the Northwest Quilters, and love both groups unconditionally. I was thrilled to see an article by Christina, "Grandma's Scraps" in The Quilt Life.

While I was at Barnes & Noble, I looked for Quiltmania and found a stack of issue #100, the issue with my article, "Collecting New York Beauty Quilts". I sent copies to several friends and acquaintances recently, and hope everyone received them. It's nice to have a few extra copies to share, especially with folks who have a difficult time finding it. The magazine is published in France.

If you would like to see the Quilters Newsletter article by Pepper Cory, it is pages 33-37 in the June/July issue, #440. Congratulations to my guild mates on all the good press!!


  1. I have a quilt on page 21 of Modern Patchwork. You're right that the cover quilt is particularly wonderful. I'm still yet to get that copy of Quiltmania.

    1. Congratulations! I really loved seeing the Double Wedding Rings, and your denim rendition is stunning!

  2. That was fun to read! I just got that copy of QN a few days ago and already noted to myself that Pepper's feature is a must read for me. Isn't this month's cover just awesome though? It's the best cover they've had in months IMHO. Love that lime green quilt. Have a super day!

  3. I'm so glad you are there to connect all the dots! So much goodness all around - I love it. Oh, and I love the color "cheddar" too ;)