Friday, May 2, 2014

Barb Schulenberg - Amazing!

Welsh Quilt, 2010 (detail) by Barb Schulenberg
Tomorrow is the second and final day of the 40th Northwest Quilters Show. The show is at the Portland Expo Center, and this year's featured quilter is Barb Schulenberg, whose work is simply amazing! I have admired Barb's work for many years, and it was such a treat to see so many of her quilts together in one place. Many of her quilts had ribbons from past shows- no surprise there. Her work is impressive- it really knocked my socks off! Look, and learn.

Flying Geese, 2013 by Barb Schulenberg
Wool Flower Garden, 2012 by Barb Schulenberg
Multi Color Quilt, 2006 by Barb Schulenberg
Summer Bed Quilt, 2009 by Barb Schulenberg 
Monkey Wrench 2007 by Barb Schulenberg
30's Quilt, 2012 by Barb Schulenberg
Fall Wall Hanging, 2005 by Barb Schulenberg
2nd Time Around Fall, 2005 by Barb Schulenberg
All Creatures Great and Small, 2011  by Barb Schulenberg
Harvest Wall Hanging, 2002 by Barb Schulenberg
Vegetable Garden, 2012 by Barb Schulenberg
Vegetable Garden, 2012 (detail) by Barb Schulenberg 
Rose of Sharon, 2009 by Barb Schulenberg 
Welsh Quilt, 2010 by Barb Schulenberg
Pineapple Quilt, 2004 by Barb Schulenberg
Applique Flower Garden, 2013 by Barb Schulenberg
Applique Flower Garden, 2013 (detail) by Barb Schulenberg 
Mother's Flower Garden, 2007 by Barb Schulenberg
Mother's Flower Garden, 2007 (detail)  by Barb Schulenberg
Paper Pieced Stars, 2001 by Barb Schulenberg
Black Block of the Month, 2008 by Barb Schulenberg
Quilt Sayings, 2006 by Barb Schulenberg
Bed Bug Quilt, 2007 by Barb Schulenberg 
Purple Wall Hanging, 2003 by Barb Schulenberg
Twin Tumbling Block Quilt, 2011 by Barb Schulenberg

Congratulations, Barb, on a wonderful display and an incredible body of work! Congratulations also  to the Northwest Quilters for the guild's 40th annual quilt show - a huge success. I hope everyone will go to the Portland Expo Center tomorrow and see all of these remarkable quilts. For more info, click here


  1. Wow, the quilting patterns on that Welsh quilt--amazing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing her quilts. Fabulous eye candy this morning!

  3. Somehow, I missed the Expo. Looks like I missed a wonderful show. THANKS for letting me be there after the fact.