Monday, May 12, 2014

Estralita by Anton Haas, Jr.

"Estralita" 2014 by Anton Haas, Jr.
There were only a few quilts for sale in the 40th annual Northwest Quilters Show on May 2nd & 3rd at the Portland Expo Center, but one caught my eye. It was "Estralita" made this year by Anton "Tony" Haas, Jr. - and it was priced to sell!

Tony made a similar quilt three years ago, a large quilt called "Spinning Star" - an award winner in the "Innovative" category at the 2011 Northwest Quilters Show. When I saw "Estralita" I recognized immediately, it was a miniature rendition of his award winning quilt. I also realized I had never seen one of Tony's quilts for sale. So, I grabbed the tag and bought it- a no-brainer!

Later I found out the quilt had won an award in the miniature category - I was not at all surprised! When I was searching online for the meaning of "Estralita" I discovered it was a Spanish word that meant "little star", but it also suggests a woman short in stature with a powerful voice. While I was searching, I found a wonderful song performed by American jazz legend Sonny Stitt. Love the quilt, love the song, and love having quilts made by people I know and admire - especially guild mates! Thank you, Tony (and Sonny).

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