Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A question about organizing a quilt collection was posted today in one of the Facebook quilt groups, and coincidentally, I'd just taken pictures of a couple places in the house where I have quilts stored. Just bought a super cool and super cheap fish-eye lens attachment for my camera, and was taking pictures where no camera has gone before! The downstairs linen cabinets are fairly organized, but the upstairs master bedroom closet is a bit of a mess right now.

Upstairs is the space where quilts are continuously coming and going. At the moment, several of the acid free storage boxes are propped up sideways- those quilts are on display in San Jose. Other quilts are temporarily in plastic bins - not a long term storage solution, but good when transporting. Some quilts are stacked on the upper shelves. Things are always shifting around in the upstairs closet. The problem is I have too many clothes in it! Love the fisheye lens, by the way- it was less than $30 on eBay, and screws in to my camera just like a filter. Very cool!


  1. I'm purging my clothing collection.........
    Maybe some of my quilts will find a home in one of those closets????