Friday, October 4, 2013

more on the subject of reading

Lately my book collection has grown more rapidly than my quilt collection. In addition to the books mentioned in the previous blog, there are several other books I've been reading but neglected to mention. A few of these books have quilts in my collection- a nice incentive to get the books! One of my favorite recent book acquisitions is Shelly Zegart's "Passionate About Quilts" catalogue from her 2008 exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. The catalogue includes pictures of the two quilts I recently acquired- the "Oak Leaf Variant" and the incredible "Pictorial House with Flag".

Oak Leaf Variant, c. 1860, Mrs. M.E. Poyner, Paducah, KY
"Pictorial house with Flag" c. 1930, unknown maker, Ohio
A third quilt in my collection is included in the catalogue, and it's had an interesting journey. The sampler was once part of the collection of the late Sandra Mitchell, then it went to Shelly Zegart followed by Texas collector Tom Reddick, and eventually I acquired it through Julie Silber. Back when it was part of the Sandra Mitchell collection, it was included in The Quilt Digest Volume 4. 

"Chintz Quilts, From the Poos Collection" by Kay & Lori Lee Triplett and Xenia Cord was written by people I've met and admire, and published by Quiltmania. I was excited to see what a beautiful book it is, because I will soon be working on a similar book about the New York Beauty quilts with Quiltmania. 

What a gorgeous book it is! The chintz quilts from the Poos Collection were recently exhibited in France, and thousands of people came to see them. Again that was exciting news for me because my New York Beauties will make the same journey in 2015.

And a few more books, with a distinctly regional flair...

$27.99 super bargain for a rare, out-of-print catalogue


  1. I have none of these books, not that I have not tried but so far no luck. I caught that spoiler that you are doing a Quiltmaina book..... awesome!

  2. Sooooo many books that are marvelous....

  3. The Sampler Quilt is wonderful! Lucky you. I remember it too from The Quilt Digest, notably the best of quilt publications.