Friday, October 11, 2013

more eBay-O-Rama - bad cell phone etiquette

Usually, I don't use my mobile phone when visiting with friends or in meetings, but today I made an exception while visiting with Mary Kerr, who curated the wonderful "Quilt as Desired" exhibit at the MQX show in Portland. The result was two winning bids on two quilts from one of my new favorite periods in American quiltmaking- the second half of the 20th century.

With the first quilt, a Civil War Commemorative done with hand rendered blocks made by school children, I got lucky. Mary had a client show up, and while she went off to look at a quilt, I placed my bid and then visited with the delightful Janet-Lee Greer Santeusanio, owner and founder of the Machine Quilters Exposition. We were thrilled when I found out my bid was successful. It will fit in perfectly with the group of quilts in the book project I was showing to Janet-Lee and Mary. More about that another time. :)

Mary and I went to my house to look at quilts, and there was another alert on my phone. So I apologized, placed a bid, and in a few minutes I'd won a second quilt from the same sellers in Georgia - a polyester double knit Broken Dishes quilt with a hot lime green. Killer!

After paying for the quilts, I heard from the seller and found out the Civil War Commemorative quilt made by the school children was fresh to the market from the estate of an 88-year-old schoolteacher from Macon, Georgia, who had recently passed away. Her name is a mystery, but I'm hoping someone will see the pictures, recognize the quilt, and speak up!! Th Broken Dishes quilt was made by the housekeeper of the seller's mother, an African American woman named Mattie.

Thank you, Mary Kerr, for being patient with me as I clumsily navigated through my spell of bad cell phone etiquette to snag these two wonderful quilts!