Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quilts of Valor on the NBC Nightly News

There was a wonderful surprise on last night's NBC Nightly News. A report about the Quilts of Valor, and the group from Georgia that made the quilt draped over the wounded officer, thought to be unconscious, who valiantly saluted when receiving his Purple Heart recently. It was the salute seen round the world. And I thought, "Quilts and quiltmakers in the news? Yes please!!"

Brian Williams talks about quilts and quiltmakers making a difference
This photo of Corporal Joshua Hargis saluting recently went viral

this quilter was prepared for TV - perfect nails! 
a quilt block done by a child
This volunteer works to pay tribute to her late husband, a veteran. She
sews a piece of fabric from his favorite shirt on each quilt.
a grateful quilt recipient
Joshua Hargis is out of the hospital and recovering. His dog is happy, too!
I was happy to see the Quilts of Valor and the local group recognized on the national nightly news. It's the kind of story we should see every day. Well done, quilters!! For more information about the Quilts of Valor, click here.

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