Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yankee Quilter Appears on Roadshow...with Majolica!

Hooray for my friend Siobhan, aka Yankee Quilter! She appeared on Monday night's episode of Antiques Roadshow!! But she didn't have a quilt- she had a stunning piece of majolica.

Her mother worked with the Red Cross in England during World War II, and purchased the piece a few weeks before returning home. There was a receipt, and she paid 12 pounds 10 shillings for it. Appraiser Nicholas Dawes called the price "a tidy sum" for the time, and said she must have saved up her money.

The piece had been called a Minton covered casserole by the seller, but it was actually something much more desirable. It was a covered game pie dish by George Jones & Co., made in 1873. It was just gorgeous, and in very good condition with just one minor repair and one minor loss.

Collectors are often willing to overlook minor condition issues with majolica, because it's remarkable when such a fragile piece survives intact. With all the detail on the game pie dish, that only one chick's head was missing was truly amazing. Other than the minor condition issues, it really was perfect. It was also perfectly charming!

Siobhan looked happy with the value, and said her mother would be happy with it, too. I was delighted to see her on the show looking so smart and adorable, and beaming about her mother's prize. Congratulations, Siobhan!! Well done!!!


  1. I just watched the episode online.....awesome!

  2. I too watched that show and thought that what she brought was divine.

  3. I LOVE that piece, it is absolutely spectacular. Would it be vulgar to ask what the estimated value was? I think it's priceless. I'd never put it away!

    1. Not at all- it was broadcast on national TV, so it's no secret. I think the appraiser said $8000-$12000. It was really an excellent piece of majolica.

  4. Not the first time Siobhan has appeared on the TV. I seem to remember her appearing on a programme called Flog It whilst living in the Cotwolds a few years back but on this occasion is was a quilt that was being auctioned off.

  5. I loved her majolica piece. Little did I know it was from someone that I knew from her blog~

  6. Just like Donna K--saw that show...so happy knowing who it was now!