Friday, March 8, 2013

What am I working on?

Flowers! These are applique vintage stumpwork stars, and I thought they'd make great flowers. The centers are pom-poms, and the vines are braided yarn. It is 24" square, and I started it in the Sue Spargo retreat last fall in Sisters. The applique is almost done, and then I will quilt and finish it over the weekend.

I'm thinking about quilting it in emerald green pearl cotton, big stitches, something basic to unify the background a bit. Lulu is very interested in what I'm doing! She loves yarn!


  1. Very different and cool! I see your kitty likes it too!

    1. I didn't touch it for a while after the retreat, but I'm having fun with it now. Needs to be done Monday if I want to participate in the guild challenge. Theme is Flower Power! :)

  2. OOh this one is a dazzler, great colors, so dynamic. And the jumping kitty, what a treat.

  3. Saw 3 quilts from your New York Beauty collection at the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth, TX. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Your kitty is so cute.