Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazing 1970s Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring, c. 1970, California
This amazing 1970s Double Wedding Ring was discovered at an estate sale in Altadena, California and came to me through The Quilt Complex. It is mostly polyester double knit with some cotton and bits of wool, and the maker is unknown. The quilt is roughly 90" x 90" in size, and it has a fun connection-- a sibling quilt in the collection of Roderick Kiracofe.

Each block is about 22 & 1/2" square, and a variety of solid and print knits are included. One of the most visually exciting things about it is the way the background color changes throughout the quilt. Most Double Wedding Rings have a single-color background, and a majority of the traditional ones made in the 1930s and later have white background fabric. It is sparsely quilted in a wavy, hanging diamond pattern, bordered in solid black, and the backing is brought from back to front for binding.


  1. That quilt is quite striking! What a great find

  2. Great find! Although, personally I would call it a 'pickle dish' - I always picture double wedding ring as the melons being horizontal and verticle and all curved piecing for final assembly - and a pickledish with angled melons and square blocks.

    1. Pickle Dish has rows of triangular, pointed pieces in the curved arcs. A double wedding ring has rows of trapezoid shaped pieces that are almost rectangular in the curved arc.

      Recommended reading: The Romance of Double Wedding Ring Quilts by Robert Bishop.

  3. I love the history you share with these quilts. So fascinating and definitely helps me appreciate them more!