Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Polyester Quilt from Ventura, California

Just in: a great 1970s polyester quilt from an eBay seller in Ventura, California. It's a familiar type of radiating fans design, but one I have not seen in a 1970s quilt before. I have had examples from other periods, though.

The quilt is 60" x 86" and has dark brown sashing. There are fewer rays in the fans than in some of the earlier examples I have seen of this design, and there's something really great about the simplicity. The colors are incredible, and it's very graphic. An amazing bargain, too. Just the kind of quilt I love!


  1. THis is great...the pattern choices are very 70s!

  2. This one is so cool! I love the patterns. So 70s. :)

  3. Polyester? Doesn't sound too cozy to me

    1. Polyester quilts are interesting. You wouldn't think they are very cozy, but often the back fabric is flannel or a bed sheet. I have slept under a few, and they're nice and warm. But today, they have a new function as objects of material culture and relics of a specific time. The shift in function from domestic object to artifact means they will now appear on museum walls more often than beds.

  4. Cotton is practically synonymous with quilts in my head, so it's jarring for me to see polyester quilts!

  5. I agree--I would need a fleece back for this to work for me :) Fun pattern though!