Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1950s Patchwork Sampler

This 1950s patchwork sampler came from an eBay seller in Brooklyn, New York. It is unquilted, a single layer, and is 58" x 98" with 7" square blocks. There are 84 blocks, all appliquéd with patches of mid century modern fabrics cut in shapes, outlined with satin stitch. The blocks are crocheted together and the edge finish is also crocheted. Here are some more pictures, including some close-ups of the stitching and crocheting.

There are lots of shapes, some look like letters of the alphabet, others are fruit, flowers, or motifs selectively cut out of print fabric.

The stitching and crocheting looks like handwork when you see it up close. It's interesting how the blocks are joined, and how the appliqué was done.

I asked the seller if he knew anything more about the piece, and he said he found it at an estate sale on Long Island, but that was all. It would be interesting to find out why this piece was made and by whom. Tim Latimer found a similar piece a few years ago and blogged about it here. It wouldn't seem these pieces were made by the same makers, but it's interesting to see a consistent style of patchwork. Maybe some more comparable examples will surface, with more clues.


  1. Interesting piece. I wonder what meaning each block might have had to the person who made it. Seems like there are some good tales in there.

  2. I am fascinated by all the "simple shapes " on the background of green.
    And I have never seen squares joined like that either...

  3. that is a fun quilt, I love all the different shapes.

  4. This is so cool! I love how objects can carry so much history!

  5. the joining work is superb.... what does it look like from the back up close? Interesting that variegated thread was used.