Monday, January 5, 2015

Interesting. Very interesting.

Found this cool 1950s quilt top on eBay the other day. I thought, "Hmmmm...interesting. Very interesting." So I bought it. The package arrived today, and it was even more interesting than I first thought.

The blocks appear to be joined with some type of crochet, and there was some discussion on Facebook about whether it was hand or machine work. Also, the applique is edge-finished with satin stitch, and there was the same discussion about whether it was done by hand or machine.

I'll post some better pictures when I have some daylight, but for now, here are a few Instagram pics. It's got some interesting shapes and very cool mid-century mod fabrics. Enjoy!


  1. I can't imagine doing all that by hand! It has so much detail! The size is very unusual as well. It's so long and narrow.

  2. I've been crocheting for about 70 years (started young!), and the block joining looks like hand crochet to me. I think there is round of single crochet around the block, covering the edge of the fabric, and then a second round worked into that first round. The blocks are probably sewn together by hand, although there are techniques, used when making afghans, for crocheting the join. This join is quite flat, making me think it's sewn.


  3. What an interesting quilt! It kind of looks like it was made for a child's bedroom.

  4. What an interesting assortment of appliques... what is that face exactly o.O