Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chintz Medallion Details

The details of this Broderie Perse Applique Chintz Medallion are pretty jaw dropping. Here are more pictures. Enjoy!

"Put a bird on it!"
A flower was used to patch an area where there's a loss
The flowers look like hydrangeas and peonies 
Fine applique on textured ground
An elegant bow ties the leaf sprigs together.
I like that this little sprig was included.
Detail of the border fabric.
A leaf, with one tip that's come loose
Shall we call it a lily?
Some of the finest applique work is in the vines
Flowers, leaves, and vines 
More flowers, leaves, and vines
A lovely bunch of branches 
Complete section of border fabric
A bunch of flowers
Twill tape edge finish, mostly seen on the back
Be still my heart!
The last detail shot is the show-stopper for me. In the small circle of swags around the center medallion, those swags are joined by heart-shaped patches. Be still my heart!


  1. What an interesting background fabric. The broderie Perse is amazing.
    What a great acquisition for your collection!

    1. Textured Marseilles cloth. Since it had a texture, they could achieve the look of a quilt without quilting. It is just applique on ground cloth, with border pieced on.

  2. What amazing applique and what a story!! I'd say that was a great find! It is beautiful.

    1. It's rare to have so much information, and it is a great story.

  3. Have to admit that Broderie Perse does not do much for me. I know that is because we have access to some amazing fabrics these days and "why bother"? Weelllll, your pictures and parsing of this quilt have changed my mind. There are many things to appreciate in Broderie Perse. As always you have opened another topic for me to pursue.

    Textured background..... now that is not something we see these days in the quilt fabrics!

    1. It's funny that you should say that. Broderie Perse was always "too girly" for me because of all the flowers and ornamentation. I've never been much of a fan of Rococo painting, either. When it got to the point that Broderie Perse was a big gap in my collection, I started thinking I should acquire a sample to have on hand. This piece was supposed to be that sample. Turned out a lot better than I'd planned. And now I have a much greater appreciation for Broderie Perse than I ever did before.

  4. Wow! The close ups are amazing. In person it has to be so much better!! I'd say this filled a gap in your collection!!

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  6. I bet there is an interesting story behind that patch, no pun intended. If patched with the same fabric, how long after the quilt was made did it occur? Is it the exact same fabric? What caused the damage? Were the fabric scraps passed down in the family along with the quilt? Did the same person patch it that made it? Inquiring minds want to know the answers to impossible questions---always.

  7. Congratulations, Bill. Can't wait to see it!