Monday, August 27, 2012

Stacked Bars, c. 1965, Texas

This wonderful Stacked Bars quilt arrived on my doorstep today. The quilt was made in the 1960s and came from an eBay seller in Texas. In the description, it was called an African American quilt, "Crooked Cemetery Rows" pattern. Since there is no maker's information, I'm calling it an improvisational Stacked Bars utility quilt.

The quilt includes a variety of double-knit polyester fabrics, and cotton/polyester blends. My favorite is the green fabric with the daisy print. I also love the orange and white double-knit with critters that look like pigs and hippos a la Space Invaders.

The quilt is tied, and the binding is rolled from back to front. Because the back is pieced, so is the binding. It has great vertical movement because of the stacks of bars, and also some horizontal movement with the wavy placement of the bars. I posted a picture of it on Facebook, and it triggered a lot of discussion. A fun quilt- hope you've enjoyed it!!


  1. pigs and cows, I think. I remember an apron or a smock made out of it....

  2. That flower fabric is SOOOOOO '60's! Have to laugh at a memory that popped into my head. My sister and I made contact paper flowers like that for my dad - they were put on two metal garbage cans!