Saturday, August 4, 2012

Faces of the Olympics

2008 US Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shawn Johnson is happy
about the Fab Five winning the team gold
I just love watching the Olympics. Back in the day, I mostly watched the swimming. These days I enjoy all the sports, even the ones I don't understand as well as swimming. I also love the faces of the Olympics. We always remember the faces. Here are a few of my favorites from Week One of the London Olympics.

Nathan Adrian shocked the world, and himself, winning gold in the 100 free
McKayla Maroney moments before sticking a jaw-dropping vault
Michael Phelps has a shaky start, but goes out in style
Allison Schmitt dominates the women's 200 freestyle
It's funny seeing Ryan Seacrest broadcasting from the Olympics 
Gabby Douglas - Uh-may-zing!
Missy Franklin - a star is born.
So, who were your favorites from Week One of the London Olympics?


  1. I have to say Gabby Douglas.....what grace and maturity under pressure. She handled herself like she wins the gold medal and becomes the best gymnast in world everyday! I'm so proud of how she represented the USA. It really has been thrilling to watch this year and the Serena won gold this morning and has a chance at another with her sister. GO USA!!!

    Happy Sewing

  2. I think you covered them all, it's been amazing. That Gabby girl, and Missy, WOW.

  3. Gaby...what a girl!!!
    and what about Epke Zonderland....amazing what he did !!..;0)
    have a nice day

  4. Epke Zonderland was incredible on the high bar. I was very impressed!