Friday, August 24, 2012

Lecture at the Pacific West Quilt Show

Today's lecture at the Pacific West Quilt Show went well. I was happy to see many familiar faces in the audience, and there were lots of great questions. The subject was the New York Beauty quilts, and I mixed up the line-up a bit. It's always difficult limiting the number of quilts I bring for this lecture since I've got 50 of them. Something great always stays at home. But I was happy with the group of quilts I brought, and I think the audience was, too. Here's what we looked at.

This damaged quilt from the 1870s is one I don't always bring, but I'd posted it on Facebook recently, and was thinking about it. When I bought this quilt, I had decided to collect every New York Beauty I could get my hands on, regardless of condition. It resulted in a collection that even astounds me sometimes.

This quilt top from the 1960s is another piece I don't always bring, but I wanted something to represent the period between the mid 1940s and the Bicentennial

I told the life story of this pattern with twelve quilts and one top, and the lecture was a good warm-up for the AQSG Seminar in Lincoln this October, when I will show a significantly larger group of quilts over a two-hour period. Should be fun!! Thank you to all the folks from the Pacific West Quilt Show. I enjoyed myself, and hope to return in the future. Special thanks to everyone who came to the lecture. It was a fun afternoon!

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  1. Every time I see them I think to myself "I need to make one of these" I have a pile of new fabric for the AQS show this week that I am trying to figure out what to do with....a new york beauty might be just the thing.....thanks for the inspiration