Friday, August 17, 2012

Mountain Mist Bicentennial Quilt Pattern

Remember that Bicentennial quilt I just bought? Well, there's a pattern, and here it is. I found this vintage Mountain Mist pattern on eBay, and it's in perfect condition. Makes me wonder if the person who originally bought it decided it wouldn't be such a good idea to make this quilt. As I've said before, it must've been torture to make the quilt. It's all applique! Even the triangles!!

Nice piece of ephemera, and I can't wait to sit down and read it. There's usually something amusing to be found in the description, perhaps a reference to the difficulty level of the quilt. There were other items in this line, so I'll be keeping an eye out for them. 


  1. Appliqued triangles? Wow! This quilt is gorgeous! Although, I don't understand why it had to be all applique. It sure makes it unique!
    Looking forward to hear more about your finds.

  2. Wow! Did they think it would be easier to applique it all? lol

    1. My impression is they thought it might be an easier way for people who've never made a quilt before but maybe did other types of needlework. I'll sit down and read the instructions later to see if there's any note.

  3. I am sure all quilters have four to 10 times more patterns than quilts made.... nature of the beast. Some we get to and some we don't. My mother made a rug for the Bicentennial and thought nothing of it. Even 35 years ago there were several generations still alive that did needle work "to relax". BTW my daughter was given the rug as she was born in 1976.

  4. Great to see the original pattern! put the quilt in context.
    the pattern should always stay with the quilt...100 years from now a quilt historian will appreciate it!

  5. I was given this quilt kit a couple of years ago, and still have the intent to complete it, but it sure requires an insane amount of appliqué. My kit did not have precuts.

  6. I just started making mine yesterday. I can't leave the house for three weeks so this is a great time to start. My aunt bought this kit in 1976 to make for my crib because I was born that year. They called me the Bicentennial baby. She is 81 years old now, and she never got around to making it so she gave it to me still in the original packaging and shipping envelope! I want to finish it and show it to her!
    I think I will topstitch all of the triangles on, because it is too much handsewing LOL! I'm 44 years old and making my own baby blanket, ha ha