Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Year of Collecting

Star Medallion, c. 1800, unknown maker, Rhode Island
What a wonderful year it's been for collecting quilts. There's not much more I can say, but I thought I'd repost some of my favorites. Here are 20 great ones I acquired in 2011.

Mountain Mist New York Beauty, c. 1930
Crossroads, c. 1870, Texas
"New York Beauty" c. 1870 by Florence Caldonia Corley Shealy, SC
1970s double knit polyester quilt, unknown maker
"A Star in the Garden" 2010 by Mary Kerr
Wool Crazy Quilt Top, c. 1900
Original design from Washington, 1970s
Crazy Block Sampler, c. 1900, Michigan
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, c. 1830, New England
Nine Patch quilt top, c. 1840, eastern United States
New York Beauty, c. 1940
Whilecloth Chintz quilt, c. 1820, eastern United States
Barn Raising Log Cabin, c. 1940, Ohio
American Flag quilt, 1976, Florida
Houses, c. 1975
Unknown Design in double knit polyester, c. 1975
The Thrifty Wife, c. 1900, Wisconsin
Stars, 1972, by Janis Pearson, Oregon
Album Sampler, 1870, Pennsylvania
There were others, but I think the point is clear. It's been an incredible year for collecting, and if I'm not careful I'll need a much bigger house for all the quilts. Hope you enjoyed the show!!


  1. Definitely eclectic. There are several groups within the whole collection, and ideas about what to do with each group. Makes it hard to part with quilts, although there are some for which I have no other plans at this point.