Monday, December 12, 2011

Who Will Win? And How?

Coming Soon: Barn Raisers II De Luxe
I'm astonished by all the comments on my Blog Hop Party Give-Away, so I thought I'd do a quick post to thank everyone for commenting and provide a few details about how the drawing will be done.

Each of the comment posts will be numbered in chronological order. Only one post from each person will be counted, and my own posts will not be counted. From there, I will use I will provide the numerical range, 1 to whatever it ends up being, and it will select a random number. The person whose comment corresponds with that number will be the winner.

Coming soon: Flower Power Hi Tops
I will contact the winner and announce who has won within a day of the end of the drawing, on December 17th, 2011 at midnight. Comments posted after midnight on the 17th are welcome, but will not be counted in the drawing. The winner may select any size, and any one of a number of shoe designs in my Wonkyworld shop at Zazzle. More designs are being added each day, and there should be at least 50 to choose from by the time the drawing is done. Maybe more!

Should you be considering shopping, there is a sale going on today, with some products up to 75% off. Go to for details, and click the banner at top for the discount code.


  1. I dig those Flower Power Hi Tops! Looking forward to their release!!

  2. Your shoes are amazing. I am glad Victoria blogged about your wonderful creations.