Sunday, December 18, 2011

...and the winner is...

Tumbling Bloxfords De Luxe - my best selling shoe
This year's Blog Hop Party - the 4th virtual assembly of quilt bloggers from around the world, all hosting wonderful give-aways - was a first for me. I'd never offered a give-away, and my involvement with mostly antique and vintage quilts wouldn't necessarily lend itself to the traditional give-away. But just before the Blog Hop Party was to begin, I began to design some Willy Wonky brand merchandise, and that included shoes.

Pat's Flats are named in honor of Pat Sloan
When I learned about the Blog Hop Party, I wanted to give away a pair of shoes. I had no idea how popular the shoes would be, even though in my heart I felt quilt lovers would enjoy them. Giving away a pair of these shoes turned out to be much more exciting than I'd realized. Who would win? And which shoes would the winner pick?

Yorks - one of several selections for guys
The blog announcing the give-away easily sailed to the top of my list of most viewed blogs, replacing the long-time #1 Separated at Birth: My Virtual AGSG Poster Presentation in the top spot. The number of comments was overwhelming. There were 202 comments during the drawing period - by far a record for my blog. Most gratifying of all was how favorable all the comments were. There would've been over 400 comments if I could've thanked each and every person whose comments made me smile. Thank you, readers and fellow quilt bloggers!

Sunnysides will bring a smile to everyone's face
Judging by the comments, it seems there are a lot of people who will be disappointed they didn't win. If you did not win the drawing, I hope you'll still consider getting your own pair of Willy Wonky shoes. There are currently 71 styles to choose from. Click here to visit the Wonkyworld shop.

So, on to the winner of the drawing. A random number was drawn using, and the lucky winner is...COOL CATS AND QUILTS - Gerri Richards of Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada! An e-mail has been sent to the lucky winner. Many, many thanks to all who participated!!


  1. I just love your shoes! I visited you shop and it inspired me to make a pair with my own quilts!! But alas, I did not hit the purchase button... couldn't justify it this time of the year with lots of shopping to do for others. But I just love some of your designs... too cool!

  2. Gerri, your dogs will be the talk of the town! Congrats!

  3. SUNNYSIDES could not be better, speaking from deep in my sole ...

  4. Congratulations to your very lucky winner!

  5. Congrats to Gerri the lucky winner you will be stepping high in your Willie Wony shoes. Am following you Willie perhaps you can give me a few pointers for setting up a store. Looking for a voice in my quilting adventures.

  6. Well congrats Gerri, now I'll have to jump over and order myself a pair of those beauties!

    Happy New Year!
    and happy sewing