Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deck the Halls

A couple years ago I had Christmas at my home. It was a quiet time, just my mother and I, but the house was festively decorated with quilts. I was thinking about the idea of decorating with quilts recently because The Quilt Complex had a New York Beauty once owned by Phyllis George, which I am soon adding to my collection. George's book, Living With Quilts, is unique in its presentation of quilts as objects to be enjoyed around the home, and not just on beds.

When decorating for Christmas, the theme was red, white and green, but I bent the rules slightly to include an 1830s Sunburst Diamonds quilt with madders, browns, double pink and butterscotch. It looked marvelous in the front foyer.

Upstairs in the loft, I had a dazzling red and white Mariner's Compass from the 1840s, made in Burlington County, New Jersey - near where our family once lived.

I was in Maine for Christmas this year, so I didn't decorate the house. Maybe next year I'll deck the halls once more. Happy New Year!!


  1. I remember that book - it is one of the things that inspired me to collect old quilts. I also love Country Living's Decorating with Quilts. I would want that red and white Mariner's Compass to hang year-round. It is stunning!!

  2. Great pics! So inviting! I hope your Christmas was joyful, Bill! Happy New Year 2012!!

  3. The quilts look beautiful hanging in your home.
    I have to say thats one of my favorite books. I have drooled over many of the quilts in the book and wished some were opened up and a full page!
    Another book that inspired me to hang quilts was the book by nancy martin
    Make Room for Quilts AND
    Decorate With Quilts & Collections

  4. The red and green quilt shown in the first picture is beautiful. Looks very good with the Christmas tree.

  5. Wow, I loved seeing your antique quilts. That book was a good one; kind of a sleeper, really. It wasn't available for very long. Makes me wonder what other good ones I may have missed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. gorgeous quilts and home. wish I had that many spacious walls. Love that book - my favorite quilt in there is a woolen utility quilt. Wish we had more books out about decorating with quilts!