Sunday, January 22, 2017

crib quilt from Kailua

crib quilt, cottons, unknown maker, Hawaii, c. 1995, 36" x 36"
This cool little 16-patch medallion crib quilt came from a vintage shop in Kailua, Hawaii. It was made some time in the last 25 years, and is 36" square. The cotton fabrics look like aloha shirt prints. The motifs are definitely Polynesian, floral, botanical and geometric.

I can tell this piece is a little newer than a lot of the others. There are more cottons and no DayGlo, but the fabrics do not look pre DayGlo. They look much more recent than that. I love the red and white print with the figures. It looks tribal.

Looking at the borders, especially the blue border, you can tell it is made of scraps. Each side of the blue border is made of multiple pieces. Nobody cut up a usable shirt to make this quilt. It's made from the leftovers, and the scraps were new when the quilt was made.

The quilt is essentially a framed 16-patch block, and I love the random placement of prints. It is carefree, casual and easy-- a happy little thing.

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  1. That brown and orange outside border is knockout - and it completes it. I love the daring and happy color combos.