Thursday, November 22, 2012

...on a lighter note...Why Quilts Matter!

embroidery detail, Snake Trail Fans, c. 1900, Pennsylvania
Just in time for Thanksgiving, my latest guest blog for "Why Quilts Matter" is up, and the topic is Wonderful Wools! The seasons are changing, and it's getting a little nippy outside in a lot of places across the United States. Wool quilts seem fitting for the season. They are durable, warm, and some of the oldest surviving examples of quiltmaking in America are wool.

Economy Block, c. 1810, New England
This c. 1810 Economy Block from New England is one of the older quilts in my collection, and I've slept under it a lot. It's warm in the winter without being too heavy, and in the summer it breathes enough to never be too warm. It's an amazing textile, as are many of the wool quilts I've found.

To read about these "Wonderful Wools" and hear how I got started collecting wool quilts, check out the Why Quilts Matter website- click here. Happy Thanksgiving!